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Tribal Art Exhibition: Spirited ~ Human Art of the Non-Human

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Greetings !

As you recall, GIOAS is dedicated to promoting arts, technology and culture to Penang.  Our last activity was the hosting of the photo exhibition, Koay Jetty, by Penang photographer, Dr. Ooi Cheng Ghee.

We are delighted to extend an invitation our upcoming tribal art exhibition, the first of its kind in Penang to be also held at Homestead.   Spirited – Human Art of the Non-Human, is a selection of tribal art collected from Nusantara all the way from Peninsula Malaya to Papua New Guinea by David Goh, the founder of Entopia.

Exhibition: Tribal Art, Spirited – Human Art of the Non-Human
Exhibition period: 15 Dec 2023 – 16 Jan 2024 (except public holiday).
Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Homestead, Wawasan Open University (WOU), Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah 10050 George Town.

We hope you will enjoy the exquisite collection of tribal artworks that explores ancient imagination and vibrant relationship with nature. Each piece allows us to immerse ourselves in the colours, intricate designs and patterns, with powerful stories woven into each carving and artifact.  

We hope the exhibition and its catalogue will contribute to creativity and imagination of our young artists. We look forward to sharing this cultural journey with you.

You may watch the special video clip and the storytelling by Mr. David Goh. Special thanks to Mr. Andy D. Y. Tan on his effort in the video editing.

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