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Northern Region Innovation Forum 2021 Monthly Interlock Session #5 : A New Eco system in building Future Talent

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@ Aug 27, 2021 by the Wawasan Open University (WOU) CEO/VC Prof Lily Chen & WOU GIOAS Chairman TS Andrew Sheng

(George Town Institute of Open & Advanced Studies)

Duration: 1hr 42mins

Amazing session today we have – today’s feel like another Annual Forum which is timely like a mid-year Check in !

We were taken by surprise on the start of the forum seeing Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon and Dato Sri SH Wong streaming in, with more industrial well known leaders in Dr Neoh Soon Bin, PY Lai, Tan Eng Tong, CK Tan, wow, the energy is so powerful and unstoppable, everyone feels like and today’s feel like good old friends catching up with each other, one advocating another to speak, derailing our plan to stop @ 3:45pm and 4pm, which eventually overrun by 45 mins, with audience staying on.
The passion and energy is charging to all in the forum !

Thank you so much for elevating our forum to the next level with your leadership presence !

Many are reaching out to us to ask about all the exciting events, whether they can be part of them, this is something truly exciting amidst pandemic, and we can’t thank you enough for all that WOU has done, to make Penang’s unique and igniting its Pearlness (in Eng Tong's vocab) the eco-system and community.

Quote – Tan Sri Andrew Sheng, “Vision without implementation is just an illusion”
Quote – Dr Neon Soon Bin “Implementation without leadership is like a fighting cock without a head, running around in all direction ” ?

For Those of you who missed it, you can watch it on
*Disclaimer: The views expressed are wholly those of the speaker.

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